24 December 2006

About This Blog

Between the Covers is the online home of a book addict, earring fancier, creative dabbler, self-flattering self-portraitist, trained scientist and armchair historian currently residing somewhere in Greater Brisbane. In her free time, when not reading books, reviewing books, hunting books, thinking about books, or attempting to write books, she can often be found wielding a pair of knitting needles. Or cooking, or making jewellery, or tinkering about with fractal software, or....

She’s partial to historical fiction, historical fact, ghost stories, and all species of crime novel; and generally avoids chick lit, sci-fi, and most horror. Feel free to email her at: bibliophilic at hotmail dot com, but note that she does not accept books for review. (She acquires more than enough reading material on her own.)

And she’s going to stop writing about herself in the third person now, and let you get on with your blog reading.

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