24 December 2006

Grading System

Never going to leave my shelves, or
If only I didn’t have to give it back to the library

A+ I’m in love!
A A wonderful book.
A- It’s not quite perfect, but I still adore it.

A great way to spend an afternoon

B+ A thoroughly entertaining read.
B Good literary fun.
B- Flawed but worthwhile.

If ’twere read, ’twere well it were read for free

C+ A mildly amusing way to pass the time.
C Average. Just ... average.
C- *Yawn* ... Didn’t actually hate it, though.

Why did I waste my time?

D+ Well, at least it had some redeeming features.
D I was tempted to throw it across the room.
D- Just. Barely. Readable.

The grade I hope I never have to give

E Execrable. Epic fail. Endlessly awful.

DNF Did Not Finish

DNF reviews are only written if my failure to finish is the fault of the book itself, rather than external circumstances such as time constraints or a bad typeface.

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