10 August 2007

Book to Movie Reading Challenge

After yesterday’s Moaning Meme whingefest, I was ready to jump at any opportunity to cheer myself up. And I found one - another reading challenge!

Book to Movie Challenge

The aim here is to read, between 1 Sept. and 1 Dec., at least three books that have been translated to film. I have no idea how I’ll squeeze this one in, but that’s never yet stopped me from planning to read more books. Callista has suggested optional book-to-movie comparisons, so I decided to cover all bases:

The Last King of Scotland by Giles Foden (overlap with Armchair Traveller Reading Challenge) – haven’t seen the movie.

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen - have seen the movie, but I’m not sure how well I remember it.

The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum - have seen the movie several times.

If I sign up for any more many more (have to leave some room for error) challenges after this, I’m mad!

Update: I don’t think the Universe is best pleased with me for taking on even one more - at the very moment I was about to hit ‘Submit’ over at SMS Book Reviews, the power went out!


  1. I have never heard of your first choice, book or movie. Going to have to look that one up. :) Don't forget that Carl's R.I.P Challenge starts soon... wouldn't want to not join that one!

  2. I have The Last King of Scotland (movie) sitting on the stand next to the TV waiting to be watched. We rented it from Netflix but haven't gotten to it yet. I didn't know it was a book--although I shouldn't be surprised.

    And a Jane Austen book! I haven't read Mansfield Park yet or seen the movie, but I'm sure I will eventually.

    I love the Bourne movies although I haven't read any of the books.

    I very much look forward to reading your reviews of all of these great books!

  3. I think some others you might be interested in are upcoming movies:

    Love in the Time of Cholera
    The Golden Compass
    No Country for Old Men

  4. Thanks for participating in the Books to Movies Challenge!

  5. I love seeing movies after I have read the book. This sounds like a fun challenge. I am trying to dig myself out of my towering pile that I have going at the moment or I would join, too.

  6. I forgot about the Last King of Scotland, *adds to list*
    Great looking list.

  7. Kailana: Is that one being run again? If so I fear I've got far too many challenges underway to start another!

    Literary Feline: Not as much as I'm looking forward to reading them :-)

    Christopher: I have read Love in the Time of Cholera. The Golden Compass is one of those books I've been meaning to read for ages; I really must get my hands on a copy. And the last I've never heard of; I'll have to look it up.

    Callista: Thanks for hosting it - it's a great idea and looks set to be a fun challenge.

    Danielle: I know that feeling all too well!

    Raidergirl3: Always happy to encourage other people's book addictions!

  8. I'm currently reading the Bourne Identity as I happened upon the movie on tv the other night and loved it (which is unusual for me, the non-action flick girl!).

    The book is very very different. The names and the basic premise may be the same, but the details are very different so be prepared. I really liked both though....only in different ways. I'm glad that I didn't read the book first though or I would have been disappointed in the movie, I think.


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