20 July 2009

Birthday Loot!

People know me so well...

Nothing takes the sting out of hitting the quarter-century mark like

The Angel's Game
The Book Thief

BOOKS! Especially when someone else throws in a $50 Borders gift card. After several days dithering over what to look for, I took care of that today. Which wasn’t quite so much fun as it sounds; books here are so expensive it was damn hard work stretching that $50 to cover...

A Circle of Sisters
Heart of Darkness
Wives and Daughters

... three books. Being a lover of book sales it’s been years since I last looked at full-price volumes, and it was a nasty shock. I’m cheering myself up by admiring the view of my new acquisitions stacked on the shelf under the coffee table, with the Gaskell on top. It was booklust at first sight when I found that.

I couldn’t resist Circle of Sisters, either - a biography of the comparatively poor Macdonald sisters who between them were married to or mother of a famous writer, a famous painter, a President of the Royal Academy, and a prime minister. It’s going to pull double duty as fascinating reading and Victorian-era Nanowrimo research. Looks like the TBR box on the bookshelves will have to wait...


  1. I love the cover of your copy of The Book Thief! Haunting...I hope you enjoy the book!

  2. Circle of Sisters sounds really interesting! I look forward to your review. :)

  3. Jenny: It's gorgeous, isn't it? I started it tonight and have been turning the pages slowly just to savour it.

    Kailana: Given the size of my backlog, it could be a while ...


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