06 June 2010

Weekly Geeks: The Wishlist

Weekly Geeks

Is your wishlist as big as your TBR pile? What books are topping your list? Are there any new releases that you are counting down the days for? Share a handful of titles and be sure to share why you want to get your hands on these books! And if another blogger is responsible for that book being on your wishlist, consider sharing a link to their review!
Is my wish list as big as my TBR pile?

Is Mt Everest as big as a molehill?

My TBR pile isn’t much at the moment (I really need to stock up.... Next weekend!) But it is never smaller than my wishlist. And my wishlist is miles out of date.

I do keep pen and paper handy to jot down interesting titles I see reviewed in the Courier-Mail, and I really must add the latest crop to my computerised list. But that list hasn’t seen any increase for ages. I kind of gave up adding all the books whose blog reviews catch my eye, because it was getting overwhelming. Even without all of the series I’m partway through, there were far more books than I could ever remember to look for at the library. Now I just take mental notes and hope that if I see something I’ve wanted to read, I’ll recognise it.

All this talk of wishlists has got me thinking that there must be a better way to manage. Be more selective, for a start; there are titles on that list that make my mind go blank. If I can’t remember what it was about, I probably don’t need to read it!

Random books from the wishlist:

The Time Traveller's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
Because I’ve heard so about it that I can’t not read it.

Lustrum - Robert Harris
Because I loved Imperium and want to know what happened next.

And Only to Deceive - Tasha Alexander
Out of curiosity to see whether the heroine annoys me as much as she did Aarti.

Venus in Copper - Lindsey Davis
Because there isn’t a single copy in the Brisbane library system, and my inability to continue with the series is driving me nuts.

A Left-Handed History of the World - Ed Wright
For defensive ammunition in the running family joke where my mother teases me by pretending to believe all left-handers are psycho serial killers.

The Gentleman's Daughter: Women's Lives in Georgian England - Amanda Vickery (thanks to Aarti)
Because I love all things eighteenth century.


  1. Ah, I love Falco, those books are great. When you read The time traveler's wife, make sure you have lots of tissues nearby.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. My wishlist is enormous. Here is a link to the wishlist I have on my blog

    I try to keep it updated, but it isn't really at the moment. THe problem is there are hundreds of books of I want to read!!

    I try to include a link to the blog review that recommended the book to me.

  3. Rikki: Thanks for the warning! Sad books get me every time, so I'm sure I'll need those Kleenex.

    Becky: I know just how you feel!

  4. Loved The Time Traveller's Wife, but definitely agree that tissues are necessary for the ending. It wasn't just crying for me, it was big, ugly sobbing! lol

    The heroine didn't annoy me in And Only to Deceive, but the latest book wasn't the best for me.

    I really need to get back to the Falco books. The ones I have read were a lot of fun!

    By the way, I have recently started a directory for Australian book bloggers. If you are interested, you can find out further information about it here


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