20 November 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 20: Well, This is Embarrassing...

I’ve been addicted to mystery novels for over fifteen years.

I’ve been addicted to tv crime shows for nearly ten.

I have a biotechnology degree, which is basically a degree in conducting investigations. Heck, I could probably qualify for Mensa.

This year, for NaNo, I have a plausible villain with an interesting motive. I have an abundance of cross-connections between characters. I have hidden pieces of cause and effect. I’m actually quite pleased with myself.

But I cannot plot an investigation to save my life.

Not only do Jasper and Peregrina have no idea how to solve the mystery, I have no idea how to make them solve the mystery! (And just to add to my feelings of foolishness, this is the third year in a row I’ve had this problem. It’s becoming a NaNo tradition.) This being NaNo - i.e. a mad dash to get as many words down as possible by the end of November - I have no intention of sitting down to fix it now. I’m just letting them muddle through however they like, which has so far led to plenty of boring bits but hasn’t taken the plot completely off the rails, for which I’m thankful.

Now I’m trying to keep my spirits up with thoughts of all the mystery novels I’ll get to read and dissect - all in the name of research! - once the first draft is finished. Which at this rate should happen some time around Christmas.

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