03 November 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 3: 50-Foot Plot Bunnies on Strike

My subtitle for NaNo this year - the experience, not the novel! - could be “Attack of the 50-Foot Plot Bunnies”. A couple of characters I thought I’d safely filed away years ago got loose, invaded my imagination, and began clamouring for a series. A LONG series.

They, and their friends, so took over my spare waking moments that it was a shock last night to realise Holy %$!#@, I haven't posted since September!

And then on Monday they took unscheduled leave. My first three days of writing have been dreadful; getting words out of my imagination has been like getting a straight answer out of a politician. Slow, painful, and largely unproductive. Yes, I always start out behind, and I always end up well ahead, but this year feels different. I can’t seem to find my writing energy. (And I can’t opt for procrastination with a veneer of usefulness by working on my cover art, because I got organised this year and did it last month.)

So I’ll reiterate here what I declared on the forums last night: I am going to reach 10,000 words by midnight Friday. Then I’ll add a wordcount widget to my sidebar. The threat of public failure on two fronts should provide an extra bit of motivation.


  1. This is my first year of trying Nanowrimo. So, it's been interesting journey so far. But instead of writing I'm looking at blogs. Time to get back to work. Good luck!

  2. Looking at blogs instead of writing - that's what I've been doing!


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