30 December 2010

Historical Fiction Challenge 2011

Historical Fiction Challenge 2011

1 Jan - 31 Dec 2011

I think, a couple of weeks ago, I formed the intention of not taking on too many challenges next year. Or half-formed it. Or thought about forming it. Doesn’t really matter now, since I’m about to sign up for two more!

But I can’t resist the Historical Fiction Challenge, hosted this time by Historical Tapestry. I’ve chosen the Struggling the Addiction option of 10 books. (Probably I’ve got a good half-dozen in my TBR box already.)

I’m not going to choose books in advance, but I will commit to reading books set in ten different eras. Preferably ten different centuries, if I can manage it.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the challenge! I hope you enjoy the books that you read for it!


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