30 April 2010

Blog Improvement Project: Task 4

The Blog Improvement Project spent April on my favourite task - Blog Post Bingo! Unfortunately I borrowed somewhat too much at the library (enough so that I had to read virtually all of the last book in a single day to get it back on time). Hence I managed just six out of fourteen post types. But for the first time I did an opinion post - or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that this time around I realised a BTT post could count under that heading.

1. A Link Post: Novels Online at Chawton House
2. A Short Post: BTT: Plotting
3. A List Post: Another 26 Neologisms for Booklovers
4. An Opinion Post: BTT: Restrictions
5. A Poll Post: FAIL
6. A How-To Post: FAIL
7. A Long Post: FAIL
8. A Review Post: Book Review: The Ghost Writer by John Harwood
9. A Personal Post: Knitting up a Maelstrom
10. A Resource Post: FAIL
11. An Interview or Guest Post : FAIL
12. A Profile or Case Study Post: FAIL
13. A Post Contrasting Two Different Options: FAIL
14. A Collation Post: FAIL

1 comment:

  1. Those library books get me all the time too! Congratulations on completing so many post types. I hope you manage to squeeze a few more in the next few months. Keep up the good work!


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