29 April 2010

Knitting up a Maelstrom

It’s not unknown for me to question my sanity. Happens quite a bit, in fact, generally when I’m about to haul home too many books. Or sign up for another reading challenge.

This time, though, I really must be nuts. My knitting history consists of three scarves, a sweater, a short-sleeved pullover, two pairs of socks and a roll-up needle holder. So when you can count your non-rectangular projects on one hand, what’s the logical thing to do next?

Set out to design your own pattern, of course.

Never mind that my attempts to draft dressmaking patterns invariably end in frustration and failure. Or that maths never was my strong suit. I have a skein of blue merino, a firm idea of what I want it to look like come winter, and an abundant excess of optimism. On the other hand ... I have no real plan beyond sketching, measuring, and hoping that the numbers crunch correctly. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to wear the end result before it gets too cold this autumn to do so.

If I’m unlucky - or just plain inept - I’ll still be working on it when I’m 30.

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