12 May 2010

Blogger 1, Spider 0?

Back in February, I posted about the chaos created by the coming to life of my worst nightmare, i.e. walking into my bedroom one night, closing the door, and finding a huntsman spider on the back of it. My arachnophobia decreed that everything be removed from the room in order to prove it was spider-free, which to my immense relief it was. Since I didn’t actually kill the wretched thing, I assumed it had escaped. Now, though, it appears that that was not the case.

It died.

At the bottom of my knitting basket.

Or a spider did. This evening I emptied nearly everything out of it to chase stray crochet hooks and double-points, and noticed an odd brown thing in one corner. A closer, and fortunately only visual, inspection showed it to be a rather dessicated huntsman. So then I was obliged to - very gingerly - remove all the remaining stuff and tip the corpse into the bin, and heroically resist the urge to sterilise everything. (Typical bloody huntsman - thoroughly toes-up and still causing trouble.)

Since the possibility of there having been, at various times, two huntsmen in there is too awful to contemplate, I’ve elected to believe the one that vanished in February took a stroll over something coated with surface spray and then crept away to die.

Under all my yarn! I don’t know whether to be more relieved that it removed itself from this world, or irked by its choice of where to do so.

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  1. Bleeeeeaargh, I'm getting shivers up my spine. I hate bugs!


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