16 March 2007

An A to Z of Me . . .

Borrowed from Marianne who borrowed it from Allie ... (Hey, it’s Friday, I’m allowed to slack off!)

A - Age: 22

B - Band listening to right now: Powderfinger - my favourite end-of-a-long-day pick-me-up.

C - Career future: The dream answer: one of bestselling author, jewellery designer, or material conservationist (preserving historical artefacts), somewhere in Europe.
The likely answer: at best, stuck in Brisbane as a laboratory drone at a biotech company.

D – Dad’s name: Gerardus Johannes. Or, because most people can’t handle the Dutch G (pronounced rather like a strangled H), Ed.

E - Easiest person to talk to: My mum.

F - Favourite song: I won’t even try to answer this one, because I’d have a different answer tomorrow. Or in half an hour.

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Huh?

H - Hometown: Canberra, Australia (beautiful one day, freezing the next).

I - Instruments: Two years on the trumpet (primary school) followed by four on the French horn (high school). Nowadays my greatest musical achievement is staying at least partly on-key while singing along to the radio.

J - Job: Impoverished student!

K - Kids: Never. I haven’t a maternal bone in my body.

L - Longest car ride ever: Probably on one of the driving holidays I went on with my parents when I was 5 and 7. Within memory, I’d say Phnom Penh to Battambang (and back again). It might not be the longest, but it sure as hell felt like the longest.

M – Mum’s name: Ruth Patricia (but she hates being reminded of the Patricia).

N - Number of people you slept with: N - No comment!

P - Phobia[s]: Large spiders (especially huntsmen); anything that puts me at the centre of attention.

Q - Quote: I think, therefore I’m single!

R - Reason to smile: I finished the Guardian cryptic crossword in a single sitting without the aid of a dictionary or thesaurus!

S - Song you sang last: American Pie.

T - Time you wake up: Depends on the day of the week. Today: 6.30. Ugh.

U - Unknown fact about me: My Year 12 Psychology teacher was a Buddhist monk.

V - Vegetable you hate: Onions and beans.

W - Worst habit: Several: I leave stuff everywhere, I procrastinate, and I never notice when there’s housework to be done. But the worst would have to be excessive negativity (usually about myself).

X - X-rays you've had: One before I got braces (bad news: five teeth and a piece of my jaw had to go).

Y - Yummy food: Mangoes and chocolate.

Z - Zodiac sign: Cancer.


  1. Hmm. Powderfinger, eh?


  2. I love powderfinger too!! What aussie doesn`t?

    I like this meme...I might steal it if you don`t mind! I only just stumbled upon your blog.. I am feeling very unliterary lately and have being going through book blogs and liked your cos you are an aussie too(Brisbane right?...That is where I am from!)Read your profile too, stephanie plum novels rock. Have you tried the metro girl series? Not as good but still worth reading!

    ps:I apoligise for spelling mistakes. despite my love of reading I suck at grammar and spelling

  3. Steal away! Since I borrowed it myself I can hardly complain :-). I have read the Metro Girl series, and while Alex Barnaby isn't Stephanie she's still good for a laugh.


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