23 March 2007

Trying to Choose my Top Ten

Browsing the litblog web before my class yesterday, I came across this post at Chris’s Book-a-Rama. Kailana is doing a survey of bloggers’ top ten books they can’t do without. There is a condition though: they have to be books you’ve read. ‘But what about the rest?’ my mental voice wailed, thinking of all the volumes on my must-read list and spilling out of my TBR box, some of which are doubtless capable of knocking something out of my current Top Ten. Or will be, once I’ve actually compiled my current Top Ten. After thinking about it for one and a half days, I’m not that much closer to a final list than I was on Thursday afternoon. Five places have been filled, but there’s a shortlist of 29 vying for the five that are left. And I’m not sure how to go about narrowing it down.

How do I decide which books qualify? After all, there are some that I love and would grade an A, but wouldn’t necessarily place even on the shortlist of indispensability. What about books that are part of a series? Should I include the whole sequence? And does a spot of literary license with historical facts render a book ineligible?

I am so glad Kailana’s giving people until the middle of next month to respond!


  1. I'm trying to pretend the question isn't out there. Just kidding, of course. I actually created a top ten list recently for Habitual Reader, which I suppose qualifies, but are they really the top ten books I cannot live without? Hmm. I look forward to seeing your choices!

  2. I look forward to seeing your choices! I know how hard it is. There was another thing sort of like this on a forum that I visit and I couldn't get my list narrowed down, so I am proud of myself this time. (Would it help if you had 13 slots? Some people are making their lists Thursday Thirteens).

  3. I think even thirteen would be a challenge! This is definitely going to take some serious thought

  4. It was a tough choice. When I read others lists, I say, "Oh yeah, that's was a good one too!"
    PS- A lot of people 'cheat' and list a series or collection as one book, if that helps you.


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