12 March 2007

How to be Happy in a Heatwave

I had one class today, finishing at noon; a fact which had me somewhat worried, given that yesterday (and thank God it was a Sunday) the temperature in Brisbane hit a whopping 38 degrees. And yes folks, that’s celsius. So today after lecture and lunch I dashed to the library, loitered until I could grab an unoccupied computer terminal, and logged on to the net. Specifically to the Bureau of Meteorology in hunt of the precise level of the heat outside. The website said 37 and I was almost sorry I’d asked.

But not for long. Since it was clear I’d have to stay put until the heat subsided to a halfway tolerable level, I settled down and spent 3 (!) hours happily browsing book blogs at the university’s expense. It was the most fun I’ve had at the uni library since ... well, it was the most fun I’ve had at the uni library. (And I only felt a little guilty that I wasn’t doing work for Thursday’s tutorial.) So by the time the mercury finally dropped to a mere 33, I was quite content.

For those more familiar with fahrenheit: 37oC is a shade under 99oF. 33oC is a slightly more reasonable 91oF. I think I prefer celsius – ‘thirty-seven’ sounds much better than ‘nearly a hundred’!


  1. Wow! You have been very busy since my last visit! I thought I would stop by and get the top tips on what to read.

    I am currently reading a brilliant book called Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock, have you read it? I thought you might like it as I noticed you had read some Tolkien.

    Anyway, when you have a moment check it out. I will leave the reviewing to you but I definately recommend it for a good read.

    Wishing you a cool breeze.

  2. I've never heard of Robert Holdstock, but Mythago Wood has been added to my ever-growing list. And that wish has come true: today it was *only* 29!

  3. 37! Wow! Do you get the humidity with it like we do here in Canada?

  4. Glad you were able to pass some time in air conditioned comfort :)

  5. I am NOT looking forward to summer temperatures like that!! Less than two weeks ago we had near blizzard like conditions where I live. Yesterday it was 80 (a new record)!!

  6. Do we get humidity . . . do we ever! On days like that, the only thing to do is find a nice temperature-controlled spot and stay there.


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