16 March 2007

Booking Through Thursday: Writing in Books, Part III

Speaking of writing in books, what about writing the entire thing? Do you write? Aspire to write? Dream about writing?

I would love to get a novel into print. Preferably something that would sell like hotcakes (or better yet, like Dan Brown). I have a number of vague ideas floating around, and a somewhat more concrete one that’s been bugging me for years, but I’ve never found the time to seriously work the kinks out of the plot. It’s the paradox of writing that the best way to learn about is by reading standout examples, but copious reading leaves me no time to write. One day....

If you do write, do you do it for yourself, or because you hope to be published? (Or because you ARE published?)

A bit of both. I write because I love it, and because it’s good practice should I ever get around to turning my ideas into a finished novel. (And the city council’s annual short story contest with a $6,000 prize isn’t a bad incentive either!.)

I have actually had a short story published (once, pseudonymously), but other things - like uni, books, and blogging - got in the way and I’ve hardly written any fiction since.


  1. I really enjoyed Last Dance! I wasn't sure where it was going at first and then I felt myself enveloped it that blissful reading state where the room and sounds around you melt away and you are watching the story in your minds eye, and then it ended! Is there more?

    P.S. Hows the weather? (Look, I'm British, it's what we talk about!?!)

  2. Congrats on your one published book. I hope this book or someone else would inspired you to write more :) Keep your idea floating in your head, someday it'll be put down on papers :)

    By the way, Let me know how you like The Nanny Diaries . Would love to hear about it :)

    Happy Booking Through Thursday! Have a nice day

  3. Thank you both for the compliments and congratulations (always gratefully accepted!). I really must get writing on some more stories . . . maybe I can even get paid next time!

    Dancin' Fool: The weather today was blazing sunshine and 30 degrees; lovely if you can find a shady spot. It'll be hotter tomorrow, but the nights are starting to cool down (last night was *only* 18!).


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